Journey Home Quotes

“This is the coolest game ever”, Matt, 33

journey-home-gameJourney Home sparked much hilarity. The game is a fun way to prompt discussion and shared learning. It was interesting to see how the values and approaches to life of the different players were drawn out amid the roars of laughter – such a clever mix of humour and serious application. A wonderful time was had by all. Dan, author and theatre producer

All enjoyed it and it filled the lesson hour very nicely. There were some interesting discussion topics, and we liked the opportunities to help each other out and decide what should be paid or earned.  Rosie, behaviour support teacher

playing_the_journey_home_gameI was impressed by just how much fun it was. It can be played in so many different ways, I’m sold. I’m a big fan. Andrew, hairdresser

[Six of us] had a lovely evening last night playing Journey Home, full of laughter and wry recognition of our own strengths and foibles in our characters’ ‘character’ cards, as well as learning wisdom from each other about how to make difficult life decisions.
And it is certainly going to be played again on a regular basis…! Indeed, one… wants to use it for creative writing purposes and raised the idea of setting up a group to play it regularly as part of a writing project.  A university lecturer

I really enjoyed learning about your game, and think it has a great deal to offer. It is really cleverly thought out, and very different in the way it encourages co-operation and discussion. It’s fun too! Jackie, trainer

This board game…takes the idea of journeying home and translates it into an exciting board game…At first the game appears quite complex, but once it has been played a few times it will promote thought and discussion…This innovative game is ideal for playing in a youth group or family setting. Magnet magazine

What I liked about the game was the discussions it initiated…These discussions make the game a lot more reflective than most board games, and it’s this free-form element that I enjoyed the most; it makes the game as competitive or non-competitive as you want it to be. The openness and adaptability of the rules was interesting. One player treated it like a conventional “race to the finish” board game, racing at maximum speed towards the end of the board, and feeling afterwards that he had not encountered as many interesting events as he had hoped.

I enjoyed playing “Journey Home”. It entailed my group thinking about what the values of our actions really are.
Player at Quaker Centre

It’s good because you can make it individual to any person who plays it. The rules seem complicated but you quickly get the hang of them and they become simple. We really loved making the decisions and talking to each other.
Ruby, 13

When the rules were explained to us in Bengali it was interesting and we found many of the situations real and meaningful.
Moumita Das, 18

I was impressed that one player could lend/help/exchange unlike other board games that I have played.
Rinku Koley, 18

Playday at the Geffrye Museum, January 2014, photo credit Heather Martin.
Playday at the Geffrye Museum, January 2014, photo credit Heather Martin.

I am an enthusiastic purchaser of this book + game. I play the game sometimes in Costa Coffee when I can. It always excites interest, incites curiosity. JH is a great product.  Lorna

Learning the language of worldwide diasporas is very much about identity issues and coming home. Duolingo language learner support forums are constantly visiting the theme of what home, and what a family history of displacement in one’s heritage, can mean. I think I need to get more people playing it.